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The “Ye” rapper is set to release his next album next month and his wife, Kim Kardashian picks possible track list on Twitter.



On a yellow notepad, written in black ink, the title “Jesus Is King” can be seen above 12 possible song titles. The proposed date on the pad is September 27th.

The release of a religion-themed West album is something Kardashian has teased before. Last year, she announced that Yandhi was set for a release on Black Friday 2018. That album never arrived. Rolling Stone has not confirmed Jesus Is King‘s release date or track list.

See the possible Jesus Is King track list below.

1. Glade
2. Garden
3. Selah
4. God Is
5. Baptized
6. Sierra Canyon
7. Hands On
8. Wake The Dead
9. Water
10. Through The Valley
11. Sunday
12. Sweet Jesus

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